Wise Shepherd Man From Kirklareli Able To Tune Bells With Notes


A shepherd man from Kırklareli(Bulgarian; Lozengrad – лозенград, Greek; Saránta Ekklisiés – Σαράντα Eκκλησιές) who tunes bells and handbells with notes; Mustafa SahinBorn in 1948, living in Beypınar Village in Kırklareli, Mustafa Şahin is known as one shepherd in the world who can tune flock bells with notes.

Bells made in workshops generating noise initially, then Shepherd Sahin makes this bells generating melodies by tuning the bells. According to shepherd Sahin’ statement  this tuning process made by sound, music, physics knowledge as well as simple tools like anvil, hammer, pliers, iron pipe. He is educating bells with this siple tools until he find a clear notes.

He becomes Bulgarian and Turkish visitors interest of focus;

Sahin gave an information about tuning process with notes to Forty person group who composed of acedemics and  bureaucrats from Bulgaria had visited Beypınar Village on May 3, 2016. One of the guest Mariya Patronova said that his talent is both art and science and this culture should conserve for all humanity.

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Head of the Department of Education Publications Department, Halil Ibrahim Gul and his staff congratulated the ability of shepherd  Mustafa Sahin. He also attended the start-up of women farmer Esra Özdileker’ goose farm on 26 May, 2016. He declared that an attempt to documentate, record and promote this national cultural heritage  will make as a program.

Bells are have brought even from distant villages;

He exhibits a lot of finesse and experience of Turkish shepherd tradition. He tunes bells according to their size numbers then it makes melody instead of noise so flocks living with this beutiful melody. Yusuf Has Hacib defined as “indulgent and talented”  in his work named Kutadgu Bilig. (sanatkar- tetig uz1). People who know shepherd Mustafa Sahin, give value and show their respectful behaviour to him.

Laurens Picken, who is the former academic member of University of Cambridge Biochemistry Faculty, has resigned from his job and came to Turkey for searching about Turkish Folk Music Instruments, he pressed a book with 685 pages, named Folk Music Instruments at 1975. In this book he wrote that Turkish people put the rings and bells on animals for finding animals location, and putting on doors for using as an alarm2. If Laurens Picken could meet with Mustafa Şahin, he probably wrote the rings and bells are not just for alarm, also they can be tuned and utter melodies.

Protecting art and culture is a Turkish State tradition;

State should be aware of the art like Mustafa Sahin did and recompense it. Protecting artist and being generous to artist is a tradition of Turkish States. Kutadgu Bilig ( a very ancient Turkish State culture and advice book) said that “Generous person is not who is giving silver, he is the person that give somebody his due3” Ministry of culture and faculty of arts should protect our cultural heritage and support Mustafa Sahin’s art. We should give honor to Mustafa Şahin before the foreigners.

Bünyamin Çakır

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